Food safety

In recent years, food safety standards received widespread concern throughout the world. Through efforts, GS1 China obtained significant achievements in food tracking and tracing, which contributed to the national product quality and food safety initiative set forth by government.

To promote the application of the barcode in the food safety tracking and tracing for the Olympic Games, GS1 China signed an agreement with the Administration of Industry and Commerce and Beijing Food safety Inspection Coordination Office called the "Beijing Olympic food tracking and tracing system ". In addition, GS1 China developed "Coding rule for Food Safety Tracking and Tracing for the Olympic Games" and "Catalogue Norm of Food Safety Data for the Olympic Games" with its Beijing Branch.

During the Barcode Technology Promotion Week in 2007, a food safety tracking and tracing conference was held which allowed domestic and international experts in the field to exchange their experiences. In order to promote the awareness of GS1 system in the area of food safety, we held a press conference for the GS1 Traceability System in China at the GS1 Advisory Council Meeting in Beijing.

Barcode applications have been extended to the food safety area with great efforts and a number of food safety tracking and tracing system demonstrations have been established on a range of products such as Shandong seafood, Xinjiang cantaloupe, Yunnan pork, Sichuan tea, and the Hetian chicken of Fujian, this consolidates the critical role the barcode plays in our national food safety tracking and tracing system.

Food satety